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MAMCO's facilities are equipped to maximize innovation. Modern lighting produces more luminosity while reducing overall energy use. Recent expansion optimizes process flow, while a unique air filtration system eliminates the smell of plastics. And mezzanines allow for more efficient use of space.

Facilities List

Manufacturing Equipment

Quantity Size Type
2 210 Ton Mitsubishi MJII Horizontal with 13.2 oz. Inj. Unit
9 90 Ton Mitsubishi MJII Horizontal with 2.2 oz. Inj. Unit
5 90 Ton Mitsubishi MJII Horizontal with 3.8 oz. Inj. Unit
2 150 Ton Mitsubishi MJII Horizontal with 9.3 or 5.1 oz. Inj. Unit
1 75 Ton Newbury 4 Station Rotary with 3 oz. Inj. Unit
3 75 Ton Newbury 4 Tie Bar Shuttle with 3 oz. Inj. Unit
2 30 Ton Newbury 2 Station Rotary with 1 oz. Inj. Unit
4 30 Ton Newbury Shuttles with 3 oz. Inj. Unit
1 30 Ton Newbury Shuttle with 1 oz. Inj. Unit
1 30 Ton Newbury 4 Station Rotary with 3 oz. Inj. Unit
1 419 Ton Haitian Horizontal with 60 oz Inj Unit
1 40 Ton Cincinnati Milacron-CH 4 Station Rotary with 2.27 oz. Inj. Unit

Process Control Capability on All Machines

(1) Tracker Process Monitoring System
(13) Programmable Vision Systems for On-Line Inspection
(32) Programmable Mold Protection Vision Systems
Mitsubishi Mini Controllers
Photoelectric Controls and Sensors

Secondary Equipment

Quantity Type
3 Hot Stamp Presses
1 D/M Pad Printer
6 Danly 1 Ton Air Presses

Auxillary Equipment

Quantity Type
4 Hot Oil Units
30 Hot Water Circulators
30 Desiccant Bed Dryers
8 Beside the Press Granulators
2 Air Compressors
1 Air Dryer (Airtek Mod. CT-250SN)
1 Cooling Tower System (Advantage Mod. PT-120)
2 Una-Dyn Concentrate Feeders
18 Hot Sprue Controllers
1 Chiller System (Mayer Mod. MPW-10-H)
11 RJG Controllers
1 MPG-MP-1114 Granulator
4 Parts/Runner Separators
28 Hopper Dryers
1 Material Loader/Blender
12 Automatic Sprue Pickers
9 Part Conveyors
3 Omnimark Instrument Mark 2 High Performance Moisture Analyzer
1 Yudo 16 zone Hot Manifold Controller
1 Under Press Part Segregators and Control Units
10 2 FRP-V25 Perfection Repelletizer
1 SRS Granulator Screenless
1 Cincinnati Milacron-CH 4 Station Rotary with 2.27 oz. Inj. Unit
1 Meisi Granulator Screenless
1 Hyster Lift Gas (Propane)
1 Electric Lift (24 VDC)
3 Low Speed Screenless Granulators

Inspection Equipment

Quantity Type
2 Smart Scope “Flash” Automatic Visual Inspection Systems
1 12” x 18” Granite Surface Plate
1 81 Piece Set of Jo Blocks
5 Mitutoyo Toolmakers Microscopes with Digital X, Y Display
4 Chatillon Force gages
1 Milliohmmeter Continuity Tester

Other Inspection Equipment

  • Micrometers - Depth Micrometers - Verniers
  • Plug Gages .006 to .750 Inclusive
  • Taper Gages
  • Dial Indicators
  • Thread Gages
  • Height Gages - Including Mitutoyo Height Master
  • Radius Gages
  • Stereo Microscopes 2x to 40x Magnification
  • Parallel Bars - Checking Fixtures - V Blocks

*Calibration records are maintained on all inspection equipment - all measuring equipment standard inch and metric.

Tool Room Equipment

Quantity Type
1 Clausing/Colchester 2500 Lathe
3 Bridgeport Milling Machines
3 Boyer Schultz Surface Grinders
2 Harig Surface Grinder
1 Reid Surface Grinder/td>
1 Hansvedt EDM
1 Eltee Pulsitron EDM Machine
1 Pantograph Machine
1 Wet Cut floor model sandsaw
1 Roll-In All Purpose Floor Model Bandsaw
1 Drill Press
1 Tool Grinder - Pedestal
2 14” Clausing Lathe
11 24” x 36” Granite Surface Plate
2 Toolmakers Microscopes
1 DME Ultra Sonic Lapper
1 Hobart Tig Welder
1 Hardness Tester
1 Lazer Star Technology Lazer Welder
1 Mitutoyo Digmatic Drop Indicators
1 20 Ton Norco Hydraulic Press
1 Upright Craftsman Belt Sander
2 Sony Digital Drop Indicators

* All necessary attachments and equipment to support mold manufacturing and maintenance.



  • SolidWorks (Mechanical Design Automation Software)
  • SolidWorks Animator Software
  • MoldFlow Part Advisor
  • MoldFlow Mold Advisor
  • AutoCad Mechanical Desktop
  • FMEA Plus

What Our Clients are Saying...

  • Community Involvement

      Our class would like to thank you for opening the company for us and allowing us to grow and become more educated in one of the many fields of engineering. We appreciate the opportunities you gave us, and we look forward to possibly coming back to the company in the near future.  

    Athena Basdekis and the Engineering Class of 2018, Otsego Area Occupational Center

  • Frirsz Music Company

      We are happy we brought our business to MAMCO!  

    Thomas Dunn, Frirsz Music Company

  • Custom Electronics

      MAMCO provides us with the quality and consistency that we seek in order to continue providing excellence to our own customers. MAMCO has always been responsive to the requirements of our overmolding projects, and very pleasant to work with.  

    Michael Shulte, Custom Electronics

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