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  • CYE-A1 | Air Compressor Intelligent Controller




  1.  Real-time display of pressure, current and voltage.
  2.  Real-time monitoring of over-voltage, under-voltage and over-current. Abnormal immediately alarm and display the corresponding error code. Easily find the problem of the running compressor, make the compressor after-sale service more efficiency.
  3. Pressure range can be set as required. 
  4. Two standard operating voltage (220V/110V) can be free to switch.
  5. Two pressure units (Bar/Psi) can be free to switch. 6. Display equipment running time.



Installation Guide for CYE Series

Wiring Diagram of Controller

  1. Install the controller on the air compressor vertically, and screw the joint of sensor to fix the controller.
  2. First start: All valves must be closed before install the intelligent controller, Power on the air compressor to achieve the maximum pressure 8.0bar it will show on the intelligent controller’s display panel automatically, then the install step is finished, you can use it normally. If there are alarms of over-current, locked-motor or other issues for the first time, you have to restore factory settings of controller and restart all the steps again. 

Operation Panel & Buttons


Operating Panel

  1. Power key
  2. “↑”key
  3. “↓”key
  4. Current air pressure
  5. Running state
  6. Pressure unit



  1. Setup interface: Long press the “start/stop” button and “↓” key 3s at the same time to show setup interface. Click the “start/stop” button to switch settings. (Tables 1)
  2. Save settings: a) Long press the “start/stop” button and “↓” key 3s at the same time to save the parameters. b) After setting the parameters, wait for 10s, it will automatically exit from the setup interface and save the parameters.
  3. Factory setting: Long press the three buttons 3s at the same time to restore the factory default settings. 
  4. View running time: In the shutdown state, long press the “start/stop” button 3s to display the cumulative running time.
  5. Switch pressure unit: Click the “↓” key to switch pressure unit ( Bar /Psi).
  6. View the reference current: Long press “↑” 3s to view the reference current.
  7. . Remove alarm: “click press “start/stop” button to remove.

 Air Pressure Setting Interface


Index Value and Setting Parameters
(1) Index Value(2) Parameters Setting
1 Set the maximum pressure: 8Bar (Default)
2 Set the minimum pressure: 6Bar (Default)
3 Standard voltage(V): 220 or 110
4 Power (KW) setting: 0 (Default), 0.55, 0.60, 0.65…2.80, 2.90, 3.00
5 Display unit code: 1 (Default) stands for Bar, 2 stands for Psi

Alarm Phenomenon

Phenomenon One

The front of the display pressure value flashing “A”, indicating that the motor is in “over-current” or “locked” state, click the “S” button to check the current value of the over-current. Reboot after troubleshooting;

Phenomenon Two

The front of the display pressure value flashing “U”,indicating abnormal voltage, is in “overpressure” or "undervoltage" state, click “S” button twice to check the abnormal voltage value. Reboot after troubleshooting;

Phenomenon Three

The front of the display pressure value flashing “P”, indicating that the air compressor needs drainage. The mark will disappear automatically after draining;

Phenomenon Four

The front of the display pressure value flashing “H”, indicating that abnormal gas pressure in tank, slow growth or no pressure to detect. Reboot after shutdown and troubleshooting; (This phenomenon only occurs when the controller is used for the first time).


Security Matters

  1. Reminder: Be sure to note the following safety rules in all processes using this controller. The company shall not be responsible for any personal injury or property loss as a result of violation of the provisions.
  2. Do not operate in an explosive environment. Do not use the instrument in place where there are flammable and explosive materials. In this environment, the use of any electrical equipment are likely to cause harm to safety.
  3. Wiring in strict accordance with the drawings. It is forbidden to connect multiple air-end to the same terminal
  4.  Earth wire: Ensure that the earth wire is connected before turn on the power to prevent electric shock.
  5. Power Supply: Energize the controller and ensure that the supply voltage matches the rated voltage.
  6. Please do not remove any shell part without authorization. It works with high voltage in some parts of the controller, do not take off the controller shell or any part of the controller mainboard without special permission.

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