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Custom plastic molding experts since 1964

When your company depends on custom plastic injection molding to create the parts for its own products, precision matters. At MAMCO, we have been providing the results clients need since 1964. Our expertise in the industry makes us the perfect choice for custom injection molding work.

To make sure we can meet client needs, MAMCO employs three basic methods of custom injection molding - shoot and ship, insert molding, and reel-to-reel molding. Shoot-and-ship jobs do not require inserts and are placed directly on a press for molding. Insert molding requires either hand loading or placement by robotics into the molding tool. Finally, reel-to-reel molding is basically a continuous insert molding mechanism. Out of more than 7,000 national molding companies, MAMCO is one of only a handful that specializes in this useful reel-to-reel technology.

MAMCO additionally works with various grades of plastic on its manufacturing floor. The range of molding presses is also broad. The company utilizes 30 presses, each using anywhere from 30 tons to 210 tons of pressure. These things combine to enable us to be the injection molder companies just like yours turn to when precision, performance and on-time delivery matter.

So, why should you rely on MAMCO for your plastic injection molding? We stand apart from the competition because of our:

Experience in the field – With decades of experience to our credit, our customers can rely on us to provide quality custom injection molding. We have thrived through years because of our commitment to innovation and quality product production.

Engineering expertise – Our team of engineers is simply the best there is in plastic injection molding. They work directly with our clients to ensure the delivery of products that meet exact specifications.

Service – We deliver on time and within budget. It is simply part of our commitment to quality that drives our service forward. Customers can count on us to provide the result they need to see their own businesses succeed.

When your company requires custom injection molding, we are able to deliver the desired results. Utilizing one of our three processes, we can create the parts you’re after correctly the first time, every time.

What Our Clients are Saying...

  • Community Involvement

      Our class would like to thank you for opening the company for us and allowing us to grow and become more educated in one of the many fields of engineering. We appreciate the opportunities you gave us, and we look forward to possibly coming back to the company in the near future.  

    Athena Basdekis and the Engineering Class of 2018, Otsego Area Occupational Center

  • Frirsz Music Company

      We are happy we brought our business to MAMCO!  

    Thomas Dunn, Frirsz Music Company

  • Custom Electronics

      MAMCO provides us with the quality and consistency that we seek in order to continue providing excellence to our own customers. MAMCO has always been responsive to the requirements of our overmolding projects, and very pleasant to work with.  

    Michael Shulte, Custom Electronics

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